Utility Locating



Geospatial Consultants

We perform professional underground utility locating services utilizing the latest radio frequency detection technology.  Surveying, mapping and GIS solutions are also available after utilities are located.

J Pierce and Associates LLC can perform public and private underground utility locating services for Baldwin, Mobile, and Escambia Counties, Alabama.  Larger projects throughout south Alabama and northwest Florida are also welcome.  We can perform utility locating services for all conductive materials related to natural gas, electric, communications, water and sewer utilities.  We do not generally perform locates on smaller, non-conductive materials such as irrigation lines, PVC, pex, polytubing, etc., unless a tracer wire or conductive tape is already attached.

We perform each project based on the requirements set forth by you.  Utilizing the latest radio frequency detection technology, J Pierce and Associates LLC can color code each respective utility so a clear, graphic layout can be visualized on the ground.  This preventative measure is much more cost effective than assuming the risk and potential damage associated with accidentally exhuming unmarked utilities.

Should you need GIS, surveying, or mapping of the project results, we also offer basic and highly advanced computer mapping which can be utilized for reference or when additional work may be performed.

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