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Utility Locating

JPA also offers a full range of professional geomatics (surveying) services.  From residential surveys to complex GIS mapping projects, we know how to use the latest technology to fit your needs. 

JPA has also pioneered the survey-grade GIS for utilities market and will be glad to introduce you to all this amazing resource has to offer.


Whether you need one utility located or a database driven, comprehensive asset inventory of your entire system, JPA does it right the first time......every time.


JPA can help you every step of the way.  From the first paint mark on the ground to robust mobile GIS and data management applications for every employee.

Geospatial Consultants

At J Pierce and Associates LLC, we've built our business around utility mapping, modeling, and GIS database solutions.  This all begins with accurate utility locating.  Building upon this foundation is critical in order to achieve the best work product available today.